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Echo of the Asia-Pacific Training on Anti-Human Trafficking

The Echo of the Asia-Pacific Training on Anti-Human Trafficking was held at the Rosary Hall, Good Shepherd Convent on February 8-9, 2017 for the Luzon-NCR cluster and in Banawa, Cebu City for the Visayas-Mindanao cluster. February 8 was also the celebration of the World Day of Prayer and Action against Human Trafficking, what a pleasant coincidence! The echo was attended by the Good Shepherd Sisters, Lay Mission partners and Staff from the different Good Shepherd communities. Sr. Ailyn Binco and Sr. Mela Alvarez facilitated the echo for Luzon-NCR clusters while Sr. Regina Kuizon and Arianne Nadela for the Visayas-Mindanao cluster. All four of them were participants during the week-long seminar-workshop in Tagaytay last October 21-27.

They started the presentation with the Directional Statement of the Congregational Chapter and the commitment of the Good Shepherd congregation to human trafficking. The reports on Anti-Human Trafficking in India, Australia-New Zealand and the Philippines were presented and discussed. The reports showed the common problems and activities of the different Provinces which focused on human trafficking, challenges and partnership. They also mentioned new programs to respond to the alarming problems on trafficking.

The emphases of the Anti-Human Trafficking workshop were on the 4Ps: Protection, Prosecution, Prevention and Partnership. They were the international framework used by the United States to combat human trafficking. For each of the 4Ps, Sr. Ailyn and Sr. Mela presented some reports from the Philippines (Cebu), Taiwan, India, Singapore-Malaysia, Myanmar and Australia-NewZealand. Seen were the commonalities in the challenges and the activities to respond to the 4Ps.

The highlight of the Echo-Seminar was the deepening of the awareness of the participants to the global problem of modern slavery. Each one was moved to make a Commitment Statement that was used for the closing liturgy.

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