viernes, 27 de febrero de 2015

Formation Session for the Leadershipteams of Latin America Malloco- Chile

“When the challenge of the leadership seems be too difficult let’s look outside the window and we
 will realize that those who are out there motivate us to do something more” 
                                                                                                                                      Sister Susan Chia

The Leadership Teams of REAL continued to reflect and explore new ways of living mission from a different perspective.

On February, 15, 16 and 17, Srs Winifred Doherty and Martha Iris López of the International Team of Justice and Peace were present, together with Andrea Curreri from the MDO in Rome, Heidy Hochstatter from the MDO in Latina America and Sr. Liliana Tacuri, Spirituality link-person for REAL. Each representative shared the journey and the efforts to articulate their work so as to optimize the local, regional and congregational resources in favor of mission. After a dialogue, the participants gathered the challenges and the priorities for the Region in these areas. They felt the need to network in our globalized world in order to respond to today's challenges for mission and its sustainability.

The challenge is to enlarge the circle of participation in partnership, creating more flexible structures which will foster new life in mission, and taking risks so as to share our local, regional and congregational resources.

The spirit of SJE and SME urges us to give new responses, risking to build "tunnels" in order to re imagine mission in a creative way as we listen to the needs of our brothers and sisters who are on the margins.

Some of the questions that emerged during these days from this reflection are: Which are the regional trends affecting the mission? How God is asking us to expand the contemplative presence in mission? Which are the challenges emerging as leadership teams in the Units and in the Region? How do we nourish and develop the missionary dimension of partnership in mission?

In an atmosphere of attentive listening and co-learning the leaders shared their reflections:

The Spirit is calling us to listen to God on the margins - to listen with the attentive ear of God
We search together the dream of God
We journey towards integration of MDO, Justice/Peace and Spirituality
We are called to live a deep experience of contemplative prayer by networking
We are invited to live the mission together, being a mystic and prophetic presence.
We must strengthen networking at all levels in order to make advocacy real
We have to deepen our call so as to offer to the world a consistent witness and a meaningful misión

During the two following days Srs Jude Ellen and Reina Escobar of the CLT invited us to look at the history of the contemplative sisters in an apostolic Congregation. In this search of deepening their style of life, they discover the essential elements of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd who are contemplative.

Srs Rita Louis Lorenço and Reina Escobar from the CLT shared the thread of the missionary dimension in the Congregation and the steps taken to respond from our charism of mercy to the sufferings of today. Apostolic and the Contemplative Sisters heard the call of the Shepherd to go to faraway lands to be a presence of the goodness and tenderness of God

On February 20th, in an atmosphere of sacred space the Sisters shared what is emerging from their heart about the experience lived during these twelve days of encounter, as they deepened their understanding of leadership for today. The morning ended with each Sister writing a personal letter with the help of the Spirit, in order to respond to the areas of learning they want to keep alive in their hearts and the steps they will take for the future.

The session concluded with a prayer of mutual blessing and thanksgiving to God for these days of grace and transformation.Thanks was expressed to the Congregation, to the facilitation team, to REAL, to the CLT who have facilitated this space of growth and co-learning, helping participants to search for new ways to re-imagine leadership as source of life for the Units and the Region. 

The final Eucharist was celebrated in an atmosphere of gratitude for the gift of each Sister. Complementarity in the leadership team was symbolizedby candles of different colors.At the end all lit their candles as a sign of sending light to the Provinces as they accompany them in the mission..

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