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88th anniversary of the death of Sister of St. Agustin Fernández Concha

“Come then, my beloved, my lovely one, come!”Song of songs.2,10

88th anniversary of the death of Sister of St. Agustin Fernández Concha, 13th of January 1928

“I don’t want to be only her Mother, but also her friend; I feel my soul united to yours” SME

(Antonio Hernández Poema heroico de Amor p155 R.P.)

“This is my homeland!”

These were the first words pronounced by Sister of St. Agustin Fernández Concha when she arrived in France.

“We sailed at 9am to Calais and arrived on 15th of July at midday in our beloved France. What a joy for my heart! Without realizing it, I exclaimed: this is my homeland!

Finally, we arrived on Tuesday at 9pm in our dear Mother House (18th of June 1867)

Our venerated Mother was waiting for us, she was calling us: “My dear Daughters, come that I may take you into my arms”, “and we threw ourselves into her arms with a tremendous joy”.

“So, how can I talk about this experience…? It seems to me that after that, the only thing that remained for us was Heaven”.

(Antonio Hernández Poema heroico de Amor p163 R.P.)

Sister Josefa Fernández Concha was born in Chile on 15th of March 1835.

She entered the Congregation at the age of 27. A mature, intelligent and cultivated woman, she was gifted with many qualities among them a great ability for organization. She entered the novitiate in 1862 and pronounced her perpetual vows in 1863, taking the name Mary of St. Augustin. The same year, at 29, she was appointed Superior of the Covent of Rivera Road. A truly apostolic Sister, full of life, dynamism and joy in her love for God, she created 35 religious communities… in Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay.

The contact with Mary Euphrasia deeply marked her life and a great friendship developed between them, which motivated her later to work on the process of beatification of the foundress. She died in Argentina on 13th of January 1928.

(Document sent by the Spirituality Centre of Chile)

“I never considered that something was too difficult for me, when it was for the God’s Glory”

(Antonio Hernández Poema heroico de Amor p114 R.P)


Jesus the Good Shepherd, you know your faithful servant, Josefa, a woman full of your Spirit, a
model of holiness who defends woman’s dignity in South America.

Grant that we may imitate her faith and her intimate relationship with God and give us her attitude of listening, of dialogue and trust in others, in order to build a life of true communion with Christ and with our brothers and sisters, where they are, in their needs, joys and difficulties.

Grant that through her intercession, we may build a more just society which leads to a better world.

Lord, grant that the life of this woman, who was so human in her sanctity, may be a beacon illuminating and guiding our steps toward those who need the Good Shepherd to hold them close to his heart.

You who live and reign forever and ever.


“Wise and merciful heart of Jesus the Good Shepherd, (3 times)

R: Glorify your servant Josefa Fernández Concha”

( Document sent by the Spirituality Centre of Chile)

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