jueves, 29 de octubre de 2015

On the subject of the Infirmary of the province

As we had shared in a recent communication, on September 7th 2015, we received in the provincial infirmary in our house 7 new patients. They are 7 men, who come from Saint Francis of Assisi transitional center hospital (people who are waiting to be assigned to a more permanent place according to their needs), this center is managed by Mrs. Clemence Boucher who is also the director of the hospital Saint John Eudes.

They all have joined three of our confreres who were already in the infirmary because they needed a more specialized care in the house.

This operation has allowed us to see the arrival of a new team of caregivers, who have come to join the already existing team in our infirmary.

But I have to say, many of them had been assigned already to the infirmary in other occasions through the years, which made it easier for our confreres to adapt to the new situation because the new team was already familiar to them, and now, the team present in the house is more numerous and we can profit of their professionalism and presence 24 hours a day.

We have received the new patients with great joy (now, some of them join us for daily mass in our chapel) and we have assured the new personnel of our collaboration.

The solarium on the third floor has been transformed into a living area and dining room, where the residents of the infirmary come to share the meals prepared at the hospital next door.
We also received this week a last addition to the team who came to brighten the lives of this group of residents, a beautiful and cheerful canary. (Part of animal therapy for the residents)

For the confreres who were wondering if they could have a place in the infirmary if the circumstances came; no fear and no problem, part of the deal was to leave some spaces open in case of emergency.

We are invited therefore, as told by Pope Francis, to enter into a dynamic of giving and receiving. We can start sharing with the little “migrants” who require health services, because the government has not found a suitable place for them with their present health situation, which is why they were in the transition center; we enjoy their presence now with gratitude; we can also listen to these people who are no longer distant foreigners, and who are now in our walls, and we are expected to respond as Good Samaritans.

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