viernes, 15 de septiembre de 2017

The international special time in Philippines

The international special time begun on the 15th august and will finish on the 20th of May of 2018, day of Pentecost. 5 candidates participate: 3 of Philippines, 1 of Pakistan (from Province of North America and Philippines) and I, Aymeric Djengué, from Province of France.

We have 3 trainers, Fr Ron Bagley (director of the formation), Fr Robert Leus (Philippine, was ordained 2 years ago, director of the special time of probation) and Rodriguez Azanmasso (from Benin).

The special time take place at the eudist’s house of formation in Quezon City, city which is of the periphery of Manila (Métro Manila); in that house live 4 others eudist seminarians too: 3 of Philippines and 1 of Vietnam, each for the Province of North America and Philippines. They study at the Loyola School of Theology and at the University de la Salle. That house is very big, Divided in 5 parts. The seminarian of the special time and the others met for the prayer in the morning and for the prayer of the night. But the other part of the time they have different timetables.

The first two weeks were holydays. The international special time began on the 15th of august. We have many times of prayer, and many time in group: The courses began but aren’t too heavy for the moment: homiletics (charisma of St. Jean Eudes), and introduction to the French school of spirituality. We have some free time for: reading, sport, visit (each time very long because of the traffic in Manila)… once a week, we have apostolic activity. I go for medical assistance in a little hospital of parish: I can take care of people who don’t have other opportunity to meet a doctor.

Regularly, we’ll have different speakers who will join us. The first one is coming next Friday: he is Fr. Gerard Lecomte, who comes to speak about the Constitutions and practical rules of the congregation. 

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