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Group of prayer linked with the General House

It is in a really brotherly atmosphere that every Tuesday evening the group of prayer in connection with the General House meets at about 6 pm. Each, neighbors, arrives smiling, quickly taking news of some and others. P. Gerson listens to what is expressed then quickly we begin with the prayer of the group:

Lord Jesus, we thank you because when you said "Where 2 or 3 are gathered on my name, I am in middle of them". You thought of us. Stay always with us who wish to remain united by this group of prayer. Be always the Lord of us all who call upon you. You taught us to be a single heart and a single soul; with you we want to share the enjoyment and the pain, fatigue and rest. We wish to carry you to the sick, old or marginal people. Help us be the witnesses of your love so that the one who is far, indifferent, discouraged, discovers your love through us. Give us Lord, the courage to speak about You, the humility to know how to listen, the confidence of the forgiveness. Give us children's eyes to discover everywhere your holy Face and your mercy in any cross which we meet. We confide in you, Lord, when we meet the breach or the ingratitude of the one that we like. Bless us Lord, bless our group of prayer so that we can be always as your heart which includes, forgiveness and strength. That our law is the one of love. Amen

And one of us begin the prayer of the rosary. It is a time when each can really entrust his intentions and put down his problems of the week. Then we read together the texts of the mass of Sunday to come. P. Gerson, gives us a lighting which always favors the link enter reading and with our personal life. He always ends his lighting with questions which send back (dismiss) to us to the current context, in our own way to ask (raise) the question of Jesus in our life today or to answer it. He (it) pushes us in a work of new evangelization by allowing us to exchange between us on our methods of approach such or such point of the faith with the those who surround us and who are not every believers.

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