lunes, 27 de noviembre de 2017

Stewards of Gifts

Thirty Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sem. Ryan M. Recto

Our life is a great gift that we received every day from God. It reminds us of the great love shown by our Creator, a love we never asked for but which was given by the One who only wants for us is to be with Him. Our life has been blessed with numerous gifts that God has generously shared and entrusted to us. Everything we possess physically and spiritually are not only of our own making but through the grace of our loving and merciful God. That is why it is important for us to recognize the call of God to be responsible for all the gifts that we received, no matter how small or huge they may be.

The Parable of Talents in the Gospel of Matthew is part of the teaching of Jesus to his disciples about the Kingdom of Heaven. It tells a story of how people appreciate the talents or gifts given to them in two different ways. First, Jesus teaches us that although God has given us varying talents, we are not asked to go beyond our capacities and capabilities. But by appreciating and using the talents we have received, we are being faithful in doing what the Lord asks of us. Second, if we will not be a good and faithful stewards of the talents entrusted to us due to our fear, laziness, envy of others talents and thereby choose to hide our own gifts, our talents will be taken away by the One who gave them.

In a deeper sense, Matthew is telling us that Jesus has entrusted his mission and work to his disciples. The slaves in the story are the disciples that need to be attentive, good and faithful stewards in the absence of Jesus. In God’s time, Jesus will return again and the disciples are charged to be vigilant and to act properly as responsible stewards.

As His disciples today, we have received the responsibility to be faithful and good stewards. We received at our baptism the calling of every Christian to be consistent with our commitment to be good stewards. Those found faithful will be invited to enter into the joy and abundance of the Kingdom of Heaven.

The life entrusted to us by our generous and kind God is our first and important accountability that needs to be appreciate and cherish everyday as Christ’s disciples. Our commitment through imitating Christ as his disciples in our community will help us to fulfill the responsibilities and duties entrusted by God to us. It is important to ask for the grace from God for us to maintain our relationship with Him in appreciating the talents or gifts we were given to share.

We need to remember that within our differences and diversity, we will discover the uniqueness of our talents and responsibilities. Success is measured by our selfless sharing what we have received with others.

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