viernes, 17 de noviembre de 2017

Prayer shared on November 19th

On this 33rd Sunday of Ordinary Time, which happens to be November 19th, the Essonne-Nord
group (Province France) proposes to link the Gospel of the day with the spirituality of Saint John Eudes:

The Gospel of Jesus Christ according to St. Matthew (25, 14-15, 19-21)


To have met Christ is a treasure. In his parable we understand that God has entrusted us everything and we have the responsibility, each of us, to increase our talents, our gifts whatever they are, big or small, known or to discover.

Let’s take a few minutes to reflect on these three questions
  • Are we aware of our gifts, our qualities and our fears?
  • Are we aware of this responsibility entrusted to us?
  • How do we try to answer it?
Refer to OCI, 440-444: Lectionary No. 22, paragraph 1
Prayer Intentions:
  • Let us pray so that our youth, especially those who lack self-confidence, discover the richness of their personality and may the lord grant them courage.
  • Let us pray so that we humbly recognize our talents.
  • Let’s pray that the Lord keeps us from laziness and helps us to increase our talents.
  • Let us pray so that we shall be servants able to use our talents to the service of the poorestp
  • (personal intentions)
Prayer from a text by St. Jean Eudes (OC II, P 92- 94 in French)

In the silence of this evening, receive this day, Lord.
An ordinary day, marked by work, commitments, meetings, the thousand little services requested and rendered,
In silence, your Word comes close to us:
« Remind that you are a useless servant!”
But I’m hurt and troubled: am I really useless, Lord?

In the silence of this evening, enlighten me, Lord.
While contemplating you, Father, I discover that you are fullness and source of all goodness.
What can I give you, since everything comes from you?
All that I have done is just a small reflection of what you do for us and in us.

In the silence of this evening, I give you thanks Lord.
By contemplating Jesus, the Servant of the Father
I realise that my service was not like yours
A free service, done by love,

Without my admitting it, there was, also .a search for myself,
A desire for human recognition.
Sufficiency and even sometimes pride

In the silence of this evening, I ask your pardon, Lord.
A day ends
Help me to live tomorrow in communion with you.
To rely on you rather than on myself
To serve you freely and by love to all those you send me to

In the silence of this evening, I offer myself to you, Lord,

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