viernes, 21 de agosto de 2015

Myanmar Emergency Relief Effort, Here's How to Donate

Flash flooding and landslides in Mynamar have killed dozens and left thousands of residents in need of emergency assistance.

The Sisters of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd are on the ground and are focusing their efforts in Kalaymyo, in the Sagaing Division.

Many of the residents who reside in the villages in this area lost everything when the flood waters engulfed their homes and land. The villages are accessible only by small fishing boats, but that hasn't stopped our Sisters who have already distributed food and clothing to more than 230 households.

The situation, however, is still critical since the flood waters are high and access remains difficult. There are no markets to purchase food, no clean water and people are suffering, especially women and children.

The residents need the basics - food, shelter, clothing and medical care - right now. Plus, they need support since this crisis will have a longer-term impact on their lives.

Our Sisters have raised funds locally to provide this initial relief, but the emergency situation remains and they need more financial support.

Don't wait, donate directly here and get the local residents the relief they need. Any amount will help.

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