viernes, 11 de agosto de 2017

Eudist Family Eblast News - Feast of St John Eudes 2017


Novena in Preparation of the Celebration of the Feast of St. John Eudes

During the 9 days which precede the celebration of our Founder, we ask Jesus and Mary, the Superiors of our Congregation, so that the power of Holy Spirit fills our hearts. So, the Spirit of the truth will cleanse us of all which clutters our internal life and the Spirit of freedom will urge us to love more and to give us to the mission "Corde magno et animo volenti."

Every day, after the brief proposed meditation, we'll pray Ave Cor (if porssible in community or in a group). This novena can be done by the incorporated and the candidates, by the friends and the Associates, and by all the people who are united with us in spirit.

First Day: Thursday, August 10th

We give you thanks, Lord for the gift of the life which you gave to John Eudes, for the faith of his parents, for his youth and for the benefactors who allowed him to respond to his vocation. Also we give you thanks for our family who helped us to grow, for all those who accompanied us and who support us with their resources. Help us to use them for your greatest glory.

Novena Continued

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