jueves, 19 de diciembre de 2013

To begin the new year, Saint Jean Eudes

Jesus, my Lord, I adore and I love you
in the first moments of your temporal life.
I offer myself to you in order to begin
of this year in the same way you began your life on earth.
I consecrate to you all my moments,
my hours, my days, my years, my entire life.

I desire that everything that happens within me,
throughout my whole life, be nothing
but acts of praise and love for you.

My beloved Jesus,
I adore all the designs that you have for me during this year.
Do not permit me to create obstacles to your will.
I give myself to you, to accomplish and suffer
whatever pleases you, in such a way that whatever
you have in mind for me may be realized.

My savior, a year will come which
will be the last year of my life,
and it may be this year which is just beginning.
Whenever it may be, I wish to consider
this year as if it were the last one of my existence.
I wish to use it to love and glorify you in this world,
to undo my faults, with which I have rejected your holy love.

Virgin Mary, mother of my Savior
and my mother too, I honor and revere you
in the first moment of your life.
You began from the first instant
to love and glorify God, and you love and glorified him
until your final day on earth.

I, however, have not yet begun
to love and serve my Lord in the way he deserves.

Mary, please make up for my defects.
Offer to him, for me, all the love and glory
that you have always given him.

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