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Shared Eudist Prayer February 19, 2017

From the Minuto de Dios Province, we send our warmest greetings to all our family in the Congregation. During this month as we celebrate the Heart of Mary, we are invited to pray in an echo of the 66th Eudist General Assembly, which said the following:

[…] each Eudist –be they incorporated, candidate, associate, or friend– has the unceasing, urgent, and beautiful task of forming Jesus within themselves. During the past decade of days our Assembly has plumbed the depths of this task which St. John Eudes called “the work greater than all works, the mystery greater than all mysteries.” Our goal was to emerge from this meditation ever more “saturated,” convicted, and transformed. Let us now align ourselves in such a way that this immense torrent of grace might flow deep into the crevices of the Congregation which are still dry and thirsting for it […]

The responsibility of each Eudist –incorporated, candidate, associate, and friend– is, then, immense and longed for. In order for this mission of “FORMING JESUS” to mark us and give its unique character to our daily actions, in order for it to impregnate our heart and those of all the baptized, we must unite our actions to our words; we must demonstrate energetically the example we wish to follow […]

Let us dispose ourselves for this journey through the following prayer:

“The Holy Spirit has been sent to form Jesus and make Him live within us, to unite us and
incorporate us into Him, to give us rebirth and life in Him. The action of the Holy Spirit is what makes us Christians...”
(OC II, 172-173).

Opening Antiphon: “Mother of Jesus, form Christ within me, make Him live in me.”

First moment: contemplate, adore. Let us adore Jesus in the mystery of His incarnation in Mary through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Let us contemplate Him in the mystery of His incarnation in each one of the baptized, also through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Second moment: giving thanks. Let us thank Him for the glory which he rendered to the Father in this mystery, and for giving us part in this glory rendered.
Let us thank Him for the blessings which we have received though the life and reign of Jesus within us.

Third moment: reconciling. Let us take notice of the distance which exists between the Jesus’ life and our own.
Let us ask for reconciliation of the obstacles which we have placed in the way of His being fully formed within us.

Fourth moment: sweet abandon to Jesus. Let us entrust ourselves totally to Him, asking that He be the one to destroy sin within us and to grant us the grace necessary to live His live ever more fully within us.
Let us abandon ourselves to the power of the Holy Spirit which helps us to persevere in this journey.

Let us pray:

Good Jesus, I adore you in the abandon which your apostle describes when he says He emptied himself (Phil. 2:7).

I adore your love in its immensity and power, the love which drew you to this depth of abandon.

I offer and abandon myself to the power of this love so that I may be lost entirely within it.

Bring to bear your infinite power and kindness, my Jesus, so that you may be the one to live in me and destroy my self-love, my stubborn will, my unbending spirit, and my pride. Rule all my passions, sentiments, and inclinations, so that my heart might be a kingdom of your holy love, your will, your Spirit, your deep humility and all your virtues, sentiments, and inclinations.

Penetrate my heart and my spirit. Destroy all creatures found within; put yourself in their place.

Then take up your throne for me in the heart of all things so that I may not see, appreciate, desire, seek, or love anything separate from you, that I may speak of nothing separate from you, that I may do nothing separate from you.

In this way, you will be everything to me, and will be the source of everything for me in everything around me. Thus, it will be you who loves and glorifies the Father in us and for us, with a love and glory worthy of Him and of you. 
(O.C I 275-276)

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