martes, 8 de octubre de 2013

Colombia for Christ!

On 20th, 21st and 22nd of September a big event organized by the radio Minuto de Dios "Radiominutón
2013 took place in the city of Bogotá: Colombia for Christ." It was attended by renowned artists of national and international stature. There were also very great and anointed preachers, who with their experience, gave testimony of their faith in Jesus Christ and nourished the faith of the Catholic community gathered in the flags square with the sole motive to strengthen, once more, their faith in Christ.

The festival began on Friday 20th, with some introductory words by father Diego Jaramillo who urged us to further the work of evangelization especially through radio by being generous. Then, on his part, father Aicardo Alzate, Redemptorist Missionary led the congregation into partying with his famous ballads, rancheras, catholic “corridos” and vallenatos. And, while this was happening in the “Plaza de Banderas” (flags square) of Minute de Dios Theatre, Father Jose Eugenio Hoyos gave us a lecture in which he invited us to be transformed by the grace of the Holy Spirit.

At the end Friday, there were other groups of international stature as Son By Four, as well as the special
guest, Ascoy Peruvian Luis Enrique, who with his charisma, motivated us to realize our life in service to others as Christ did and taught us. Saturday, 21st, in the morning hours, time was dedicated to children, who joined in the dynamics and sharing in the joy of Christ and the joy of being taken into account in this important event. Next, we celebrated our faith through the Eucharist, the source and summit of all Christian life.

In addition to the wide variety offered by the Plaza de Banderas to visitors, stories in different books, shirts, food, drinks and games for the children, there were other artists like Villanoba Angelino, who with his adoration enchanted and motivated by meringue, mobilised the crowd into dancing. Gerardo Angerson, who with his charisma and dedication to worship, encouraged everyone to prolong the life of God in personal life, Son By for, who with his praise led us to
recognize in the brother and sister, the very presence of Jesus. Once more, Luis Enrique Ascoy, won the hearts of all. As on Friday, the day closed with adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

And it was on Sunday, 22nd. This day, activities began at seven in the morning with a spectacular concert from a musical group (country music) from Boyacá breaking the ice. With their gay songs, "we were woken up and prompted to start the day on the right foot." There were many musical groups with particular streak among the motivated participants who even enjoyed more such events. Finally, the great events came to a halt. They had brought together guests and most importantly, motivated the community to realize God in the service of fellow brothers and sisters.

The Radio Minutón 2013: Colombia for Christ made everyone feel at first that Christ loves us, that He is in our lives, and rather than asking others to prove it, we show it in our lives. And secondly, that spiritual experience motivates us to help, to spread the Gospel to the whole world and especially through the Radio
Minuto de Dios, the number 1 in evangelization. We thank everyone for the generosity and commitment to the Minuto de Dios. May God’s blessings fill them in return to their contributions, and for you, my Eudist brothers, receive a greeting of affection and gratitude for your commitment and dedication to the project. 

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A translation from Spanish to English by Thomas Ndonyo Osoro, teacher at CIR-UNIMINUTO©2013

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