martes, 24 de noviembre de 2015

Welcome Postulants!

We recently welcomed three new postulants to our home in Baltimore, where they will spend their first few months of initiation to the life of a Little Sister of the Poor before heading to the novitiate next spring.

Andrea Hassink (left) first met the Little Sisters when she was studying in Philadelphia, where she would bring a group of young adults to volunteer among the residents.

Courtney Moore (middle) first came to know the Little Sisters in St. Paul, MN, where she worked as a CNA with the Residents for the past four years. Angela Conti (right) is a familiar face at St. Martin’s, as she worked as the Social Service designee before discerning that the Lord was calling her to make this first step as a Little Sister of the Poor.

The postulants are pictured with Mother Provincial Loraine Marie Clare (left), Archbishop William Lori of Baltimore and Sister Maria Grace, who is responsible for their formation.

The Little Sisters thank God for this promise of new life among us, and we look forward to sharing the joy of being a daughter of St. Jeanne Jugan, in the service of God and his eldest children!

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