lunes, 23 de octubre de 2017

Renewal of commitment of the Italian Associates of Sperone

On Sunday, October 8th, 6 eudist priests (Fr. Guillermo Acero, Fr. Jose Mario Bacci, Fr. Gerson Mora, Fr. Hyacinthe Allagbe, Fr. Amado Perez Nassi and Fr. Jader Igirio Tesillo) and Aude Bauguin left Rome early to join Sperone, a town in 40 km to Naples.

Over there the celebration gets ready for several weeks: the associates are going to renew their commitment of one year as associates of the Congregation. The mass was very well prepared with a choir.

Besides 3 laymen who renew, it is advisable to notice also a diocesan priest Fr. Luís Reinaldo Arino Plata. In the parish St. Jean Eudes is put in honor: a relic was deposited in one of the altars.

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