jueves, 2 de junio de 2016

Sri Lanka Relief Effort, Here's How To Help

More than two weeks have passed since heavy rains and flooding ravaged much of Sri Lanka. According to the government about 350,000 people were affected on the island, many lost their homes and lack basic necessities.

The Sisters of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd are in the midst of the current emergency situation. They found residents living in “sorrow, misery and hardship” and they need assistance. That's why were are calling on our friends, supporters and international donor community to help. Any donation, big or small, will allow the Sisters to provide residents with food, clothing and basic sanitary needs.

The Sisters are primarily working in two villages - Kolonnawa and Dikkowita. In Kolonnawa some 100 families lost everything, including their homes that were washed away by the mudslides. In Dikkowita, 150 families were relocated and their homes are in an unlivable state. Plus, the local children are also suffering because their sense of normalcy was completely washed away. The Sisters are trying to help 7,500 local residents in need.
Thankfully the flood waters are receding and many residents are trying to return to their homes and rebuild, but they need support to get back on their feet. Please consider helping the Sri Lankan people today.

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