jueves, 23 de junio de 2016

Request for Names of Candidates for the 2016 St. John Eudes Medal

Our parish of St. John Eudes plans to honor an outstanding volunteer to receive the St. John Eudes Medal this year. I am requesting that names of volunteers who by their lives have provided outstanding Catholic examples of service to others to be considered for the St. John Eudes Medal.

I am requesting that each of the MINISTRY LEADERS, after consulting with ministry members, submit the name of a nominee for the award. Please provide a written explanation of the reason for selecting the nominee. The volunteer does not have to belong to the ministry making the nomination.

I am also requesting that PARISHIONERS consider who they would select and submit a letter of recommendation.

In the selection process please consider the traits of an outstanding volunteer as described below:

  • Dependability: If you promise to do something – do it.
  • Reliability: Be on time and show up when you say you will.
  • Commitment: See a project through completion.
  • Flexibility: In thought and deed. Adapt to change.
  • Team Player: Collaborates and works well with others.

Also consider the ways in which the volunteer’s efforts affect the life of St. John Eudes parish. Do their efforts?

  • Have a positive effect on the spiritual health of the parish community.
  • Improve the social services of the parish community.Enhance the appearance of the community.
  • Enhance the liturgical life of the parish community.
  • Reduce the cost of managing the church and school.
  • Strengthen the relationship of the parish with the surrounding communities.
  • Give newcomers the impression that St. John Eudes is a welcoming community.
  • Any other characteristic that you consider creates a benefit to the parish.

The Medal will be presented on the weekend of St. John Eudes feast day. In previous years the medal was awarded to Mel Spratley, Jim & Dorothy Gergen, and Jim & Liz Carlin for their outstanding service to our community.

Respectfully, Fr. Gérard

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