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Eudist prayer, January 19 2017

The Eudist Associates of the Quebec North Shore would like to share this prayer from the St John Eudes Complete Works (volume VII, pages 7 and 8). We would like to take this opportunity to salute all the communities that keep this privileged link with the Eudists:

Divine Mercy is a perfection which regards the miseries of the creature, to relieve it, and even to deliver it, when it is proper according to the orders of Divine Providence, which does all things in number, weight, and measure. This adorable mercy extends, as well as goodness, over all the works of God: the works of nature, the works of grace, and the works of glory.

On the works of nature, in that it has drawn from the darkness all the things which are contained in the order of nature, which were from all eternity in the dark.

On the works of grace, in this that man having fallen into sin, divine mercy not only withdrew it, but restored it into a state of grace so noble and so divine that it made him a member of Jesus Christ and child of God, and consequently heir of God and co-heir of the only begotten Son of God.

On the works of glory, because, not content with having raised man in the supernatural and sublime state of the Christian grace, by which he is made partakers of the divine nature, uplifting him to the throne of God, to the participation of his immortal glory, and even to the enjoyment of his eternal happiness and all the goods he possesses. And so, all things which are in the order of nature, in the order of grace and in the order of glory, are so many effects of divine mercy. So that it truthfully may be said that not only is the earth full of the mercy of the Lord, but that heaven, earth, and the whole universe are filled with it; And even that it is found in hell, since according to St. Thomas and the other theologians, the damned are not punished as much as they deserved. This is an effect of divine mercy which extends over all the works of God.

Here is the prayer audio read by Father Hector Como, c.j.m.:

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