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Opening celebration of the ICA Europe /Rimoa Mother House Angers. 4-15 November 2014

The ICA Participants gathered in the main chapel. Five groups placed themselves in different corners of the chapel , holding ribbons of different colors. The CLT stood on the platform in the chapel with Sr Brigid who held a lit candle and the crook, then Brigid went ahead with the candle and the crook to the altar and waited there.

The other members of the CLT slowly approached to the center with the sheet containing the Chapter Logo which they placed on the floor . The rest of the groups entered in procession and formed a large circle with ribbons of different colors.

After that the Word of the Lord LK. 4 was proclaimed in the three languages of the congregation , then all the participants took their seats .

The Members of the ICA Committee completed the logo by adding the ribbons of different colors , then the candle and the crook were placed in the middle of the heart.

The ceremony ended with : “Sing Alleluia to the Lord” in the three languages

After the celebration, the participants gathered in the assembly hall.

Sr Noreen welcomed the participants and presented the members of the International community of Mother House who are from different parts of the World. North America,Latin America, Asia Pacific , Europe and Rimoa , She availed of the opportunity to thank the different regions especially the unit leaders for the presence of sisters in the community. She gave some practical information about the running of the house. Then Margaret Lynch Chairperson presented the members of the ICA Committee.
Different Announcements followed indicating corners for Poetry , Art and thoughts for the day.

Then the facilitator Jill McCorquodale was introduced. She invited Sr Brigid who addressed the assembly and welcomed all the participants for this ICA and she gave some history on the ICA Gatherings saying they were a preparation for the Congregational Chapter by helping delegates broaden their vision and think more globally.

Excerpts of the Sr Brigid’s Message

"Welcome Mission Partners! Sisters and Laity together - promoting our Good Shepherd Mission! It is my joy and privilege to welcome you to the 2nd Intercontinental Assembly of Europe/RIMOA.

Why are we here? How did this Assembly come about?

Towards the end of the 2003 Chapter, there was a suggestion for Chapter delegates to have an international experience prior to the Chapter, in order to think more globally and broaden their vision of congregational issues and directions. It would have also been an opportunity to get to know one another better. Thus, the General Council at that time, after consultation with the Congregation, created the ICAs. By doing this, we hoped also to strengthen regional bonds, engage more sisters and lay partners in dialogue and learn how to be more international in our approach. We had our first ICAs in 2008 in the Americas, Asia/Pacific and Europe/RIMOA. In addition to apostolic sisters and lay mission partners in attendance, there was representation from among the contemplative sisters who had held their Congregational Assembly and had elected delegates to the Chapter. At the 2008 ICAs, the contemplative delegates gave a summary of what had occurred at their Assembly. At this ICA, we will hear from them regarding the outcome of their most recent 2014 Assembly held in August in Quito.From Unit Chapters, priorities for directions setting, rather than proposals, were sent to the ICAs. At the ICAs, these became threads that the 2009 Congregational Chapter refined. Upon evaluation, the ICAs were successful in reaching the goal towards broadening vision and thinking more internationally. Thus, we decided to hold these Assemblies once again prior to the 2015 Chapter. So, with this brief introduction as to how the ICA’s came about, let me say again: Welcome!"

The complete text in the document section

Sister Brigid declared open the ICA Europe/ RIMOA 2014

Participants were asked to work on different themes of the last chapter’s threads.

Spirituality: Source of Spirit & Life
Justice and Peace in Global Solidarity
Formation for Shepherding Today
Good Shepherd Partnership in Mission
Envisioning Connections
Journey of Enrichment
Mission Development
Enabling Congregational Mission
Missionary Process and Expansion
Different tables were invited to share on different threads and to offer creative possibilities for the future.

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