martes, 31 de mayo de 2016

They all ate and were satisfied.

by: Fr. Robert Leus, CJM

The Solemnity of the Holy Body and Blood of Christ comprises the four actions of Jesus’ love not only to the five thousand people but to the whole of humanity.

Taken, blessed, broken and shared are the four actions of Jesus that even today has been remembered in our Eucharistic celebration. The actions that make the ordinary bread and wine into the holy Body and Blood of Christ whom we consider one of the greatest gift that Jesus left in his followers – being united with him not only in spirit but more so in flesh and blood.
And what is the effect? We all ate and satisfied.

If we will look deeper on what Jesus did in the feeding of the five thousand, the “five loaves and two fish” that were eaten and satisfied the people came not from Jesus but from the people themselves. We have always our own participation in all miracles that Jesus did. Trying to tell us that Jesus wants us to participate and be united with him all the days of our lives. In doing that, we will be satisfied as long as we will be attached to the sole source of what we have – the Risen and Eucharistic Jesus.

It is the same thing that happened in the Last Supper and also, the same thing that happened when Jesus walked with the two disciples in the road to Emmaus where they recognized Jesus only in the breaking of bread.

The very same thing is happening also when the priest is consecrating the bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ. Jesus is the God of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

His very presence is now and forever.

And every time Jesus did all these things, people are satisfied not only physically but more so in spiritual aspect. We must be united with Christ in all aspects of our lives, always connected, always tied up.

Nowadays, Eucharistic celebration is getting ordinary and receiving Jesus is just a part of the rituals. Let us be reminded that the “presence” of Jesus in every celebration is always the same as if it was the first time it was held. Jesus’ presence will always be the same. No one can replace that in our faith in him. It will always be the “source and summit” of our lives.

Every time we receive the Body and Blood of Christ we are called to become what we received and the very challenge that is being asked for is to become bread taken, blessed, broken and shared not only too few people but for everyone. No exclusivity, no selective friendship but it is for all – for everyone, for everybody!

Jesus is for all!

Jesus, you are source of everything.
Every time we receive you in the form of bread, we are all ate and satisfied.
Guide us in our endeavors in life.
Make us feel that aside from the physical nourishment simultaneously we are filled your presence in our spiritual life.
Make us what we receive.
We ask this through Christ,

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