lunes, 23 de mayo de 2016

In the name of the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit.

Dennis Jones Garcia, [cjm]

Today we celebrate the central mystery of the Christian faith and the Christian life: The Holy Trinity; Three Divine Persons in One God. The doctrine and theology of the Trinity is a mystery which defies all forms of mathematical and logical calculations. Professing belief in the Trinitarian God is central that our baptism and all our liturgies and prayers are proclaimed “In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.”

The Trinity is a community in unity, a communion of love relationships.

Today’s gospel speaks of this unity. The witness of Jesus is a true witness to the power and will, the glory of the Father. The witness of the Advocate (Holy Spirit) that comes after Jesus will speak the same truth. Each and every one of them bears witness to the same word and truth. The revelation of the Father through and in Jesus is the same revelation that is continued by the Holy Spirit. Just as the Son reveals the Father, so the Holy Spirit reveals the Father and the Son. The Son and the Holy Spirit do not speak on their own but on what they “hear” or was revealed to them. Each affirms and confirms one another. They do not contradict one another. They are not separated by time, or space, because their project is the same. While we attribute to the Father the work of Creation, to the Son the work of Redemption, to the Holy Spirit the work of Sanctification, it is the undivided Trinity who is at work in all these activities. Each person of the Trinity shares the same glory and give glory to one another.

The Trinity is a communion of love relationships. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit eagerly give themselves to one another. Out of love, they freely communicate the divine life in a continuous and endless giving and sharing. They dwell in one another, not as static beings but in a dynamic and living process of total self-donation. Each loving Person of the Trinity is thoroughly “in” each other. In human terms, we can say that “each person sees through each other’s eyes, feel each other’s heart, wills in conjunction with the other’s will, and flows together with the other’s action.” The more I give myself away in love the more I become myself. Each person in the Trinity becomes truly the Self the Person is, by giving their life to the other Persons. This continuous act of self-donation simultaneously creates unity and differentiation. The Trinity is thus, a continuous and mutual exchange of compassionate love among each Person, for God is love.

What then is the implication of the Trinity in our lives?

We are all invited to share in the divine life of the Trinity. As we are all made in the image of the Trinitarian God, we are called to reflect that image by living in communion and in unity with one another, and by sharing and radiating love with one another. We need to die in our own individual selfishness so that we can give ourselves and build each other in love. We need to see our being as being “in” one another. And this means living our lives for the other, putting our gifts in and for the other, giving “life” to one another through compassionate living. This is the only way we can manifest the indwelling of the Trinity in our lives.

No man is an island. We are relational beings and the Trinity is the model for all our relationships. It is time for some reality check.

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