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Asia Pacific ICA - Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Opening Ritual


After the Cacs meeting and Icas Americas which were held in Quito Ecuador in August September 2014, the Asia Pacific ICA now gathered 80 Participants including Sisters and Lay Partners from10 units. 

The participants were warmly welcomed by the sisters of Singapore Malaysia who hosted this assembly. All the participants received a beautiful bag together with a file containing the agenda and the booklet of the participants. The bags were made by the GS women of Sandanapalayam, Mysore.

As we began the Assembly, Sister Joan Lopez Unit Leader of Singapore Malaysia welcomed all the participants to the second Asia Pacific Intercontinental Assembly.

Then, Sister Josita Corera addressed the assembly recalling the words of SME : “How happy I am to have you all around me” She welcomed our 10 mission partners from our different provinces and said that it is very significant to have them with us during the first 7 days. She acknowledged the presence of the members of the Congregational Leadership team; Anne Josephine Carr and Angela Fahy who are absent were warmly remembered by the assembly.

The ICA Planning committee was presented to the assembly and appreciation was expressed for all the work they had done in preparation for this meeting. Jill McCorquodale our facilitator, the Communication coordinator and the support committee were also presented.

Photo: Jill Mc Corquodale (Facilitator) first row

Sister Josita presented her thanks to the Province of Singapore / Malaysia for hosting this assembly and for all the hard work put into the preparation of this assembly.

She reminded us that as we begin this assembly, God is calling us into the future to be creative in responding to the cries around us, longing for our compassion and openness, to make this a time of wisdom sharing, co-learning and openness to the Spirit and to let ourselves be challenged so as to risk together for mission.

Opening Ritual of the ICA Asia Pacific


The Mission Partners gathered outside the hall and Sister Pushpa from the Ica Planning Committee invited the assembly to proceed towards the hall with respect and reverence. Our Congregational Leader Sr.Brigid Lawlor entered first and placed a lighted candle as a sign of inviting Christ our light into our midst, after which the Unit representatives placed their Unit symbol as they gave a brief explanation.
This was followed by a Holy Spirit dance performed by the temporary professed sisters of India.


The 2015 Congregational Chapter Logo was then explained by Sister Monica Walsh while different members of the assembly began to shape the Chapter symbol. We conclude this solemn celebration by the hymn “You are here, this is Holy Ground.” And we became conscious of the sacredness of this place and our being as we joined in this Chant.



After the ritual, Sister Brigid presented her message to the participants.

Following Sister Brigid’s message, Jill our facilitator invited the participants to go into little groups to reflect on the Chapter threads.

In the afternoon some exercises were done to learn to know each other, then Jill presented the agenda for the week.

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