jueves, 23 de octubre de 2014

200th anniversary of St. Mary Euphrasia’s entry into the community in Tours

This year is the 300th anniversary of the founding of the convent of Our Lady of Charity in Tours and the
20th October marks the 200th anniversary of St. Mary Euphrasia’s entry into the community there in 1814.

To honour these events, we are sending you a copy of the flyer which we give to pilgrims to Tours and the powerpoint presentation which we show by way of preparation for the pilgrimage.

We join together in a spirit of gratitude:

That St. John Eudes responded to Madeleine’s Lamy’s cry for help by establishing the congregation and that it was subsequently founded in Tours;
That Madame d’Andigné encouraged Mother Hippolyte to reestablish the community in Tours after the French Revolution;
That students from Madame Chobelet’s school did voluntary work at the convent, giving Rose Virginia a chance to experience the life and work of the sisters;
That St. Mary Euphrasia insisted on entering despite opposition;
That Fr. Breton from Angers was resolute in having sisters in Angers;
That the congregation is now in five continents responding to the cry for help from people in need in several countries and cultures.

200 and 300 years from now, how will our particular contribution to responding to the needs especially of women and children in our times be seen as helping the evolution of the charism?

Sr. Noreen and the Congregational Spirituality Centre Team

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