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Eudist Life n°71/2017-3

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In 2006, during a General Council enlarged to the provincials, the decision had been taken to found in the Philippines, to answer to the call of Mgr. Luis Antonio Tagle, bishop of Imus. This project took 3 years of thinking, meetings between Father Général, Michel Gérard, Mgr. Tagle and sisters of the Good Shepherd. In this country of about 100 million inhabitants, where the population is of catholic religion in more than 80 %, needs in formation of clergy, the future priests, the spiritual animation of centers among which the one belongs to our sisters of Notre-Dame of Charity of the Good Shepherd do not miss.

Priests of the various Provinces (North America, France, Colombia, Venezuela, Africa) went to Tagaytay, then now to Quezon City. These pioneers created in the heart of the Christians, the spirituality of st John Eudes. Vocations appeared. In 2011, Cirio Sabio Kabamalan became the first one eudist Philippine. Let us return grace for all which was sowed on this earth of Asia. To discover another culture, to speak another language was not always easy. With the support, the support of the Sisters of NDCBP, the foundations were put. A new phase opens, by choosing which privileged ground of mission, so many ways are possible for the Good news.

P. Bernard Héraut, cjm

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