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Fr. Gérard's Corner

Dear Parishioners,
This is my last “Fr. Gérard’s Corner”. Throughout these years, I tried to give you a few insights about the Sunday’s readings taken from “Pastoral Patterns” I used when I was in charge of the Liturgy Committee.

Today I have to consider a “fiat” to my last mission. I am sent as a future pastor of the churches of St James-St. Leo in Solana Beach. You all know how much I love St. John Eudes community. You gave me the best of your commitments and of your faith in Jesus and Mary! I did my best to make Jesus and Mary loved and celebrated. Some of you have gotten a better knowledge of Saint John Eudes. The Eudists were called by the Archbishop to SERVE Saint John Eudes parish and Bishop Wilkerson considered it a plus in the pastoral region to have a Eudist flavor added to our local deanery.

I was delegated by the Eudist region to begin the conversations with Msgr. Nugent and Deacon Bob Seidler to ease the transition. I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart, and with them the Finance and Pastoral Councils who opened their minds and heart to a new experience. I worked with all of them and excluded no one!

With the Eudists you saw a few seminarians. One of them is going to be ordained a priest. Under Saint John Eudes, our patron saint, I made every effort with Fr. Bill and Fr. Carlos to put into place the means to live the three fundamentals of Saint John Eudes charism: Formation, Evangelization and Compassion under the devotion of the Heart of Jesus and Mary.

All along these past six years, I loved you and gave the best of myself, but I did not strive to be a good Eudist pastor. The key word to evangelize is UNITY. Many steps have been made in this direction, the direction of our Mission Statement that we see on our screens before each mass. However, I cannot be satisfied when I meditate on John 17:12. I failed to keep this parish united together to become missionary disciples. We are so diverse here! Please forgive me. I feel unworthy of your love but I accept it! Nothing has been more important than your love, your faith, commitment to Jesus and your service to the poor through the incredible number of fundraisers. I can give so many examples of parishioners transformed by the Word of God and the Eucharist living the virtue of humility.

Some moments of the word of God (Phil 2; 6-11; John 13: 1-15; Romans 7:18-20; 1 cor 4: 7) and the famous profession of humility Saint John Eudes has us say every day:


Lord, Jesus Christ, without You, we are nothing,
We can do nothing,
We are worth nothing
We possess nothing but sin.
We are useless servants,
Born in opposition,
Last among men and first among sinners.
To us be shame and confusion,
To you, honor and glory, for ever and ever.
Vive Jesus et Marie!

Fr Gérard Lecompte

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