viernes, 23 de junio de 2017

Eudist Associates: New life, New leaders!

More and more people are discovering the vibrant spirituality of St. John Eudes and the way in which it nourishes a life of active faith. This means that more leadership is necessary to support these new friends of the Eudists.

A steering committee of five Eudist Associates has been formed to organize events for those connected to the Eudist Family. This team sends out a monthly e-newsletter to communicate Family news as it happens to those who are interested, and to notify supporters of upcoming events.

One beautiful resource made available in this e-newsletter is a guided prayer session composed for the 19th of every month (commemorating August 19th, St. John Eudes’ feast day). The prayer includes scripture mediations, relevant passages from Eudist writings, and guided points for meditation. Every 19th of the month, members of the Eudist family from around the world lift their hearts to God in unison with this “Prayer of the 19th.”

To be added to the email list, send a message to:

Another valuable addition to the Family leadership comes with the hiring of Mr. Daniel Williams as Financial Controller for the US Region. Daniel comes to us with years of experience in both commercial and nonprofit accounting. In his studies at John Paul the Great Catholic University he was the salutatorian for his Bachelor’s in Business and valedictorian for his MBA in Nonprofit management. He also has three incredibly cute children who love him to pieces.

Daniel will take on the vital role of monitoring and accounting for all the resources donated by our generous supporters. As we continue to grow, he will guide us through implementing new internal systems which correspond better with legal requirements for a nonprofit of our unique size and category. It has been becoming increasingly evident that it is time for us to meet these growth areas head-on.

Daniel’s shouldering of the accounting responsibilities will take a significant burden off of Steve Marshall, the other employee of the US Region who has been serving as both Regional Secretary and Business Administrator. Steve will now be free to put his MA in Spiritual Theology to work in producing new materials on St. John Eudes and his spirituality for the Eudist Family. The primary focus for publishing this year will be on producing hardcopy books through’s convenient print-on-demand services. Much of our new spirituality materials have already been published in e-book form! To see them, check out our Amazon store: 

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