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Prayer of December 19th

Advent 2014 –prepared by the Versailles group – France

ENTRANCE SONG : People who are walking in the long night.
(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTOmJAvX68k#t=12 ). This characteristic song of the Advent expresses how we are awaiting for « a new day ».

Reading of the Gospel. Mt 1,18-24 (The Annunciation to Joseph less known than the annunciation to Mary)

MEDITATION : Let the following words or phrases resound as a kind of lectio divina.

  • Mary prégnant by the action of the Holy Spirit. A fair man- secretly – project
  • The Lord’s angel appeared to him in his dream. Don’t be afraid – Mary, your wife
  • The child who is begotten in her comes from the Holy Spirit.
  • Jesus (that is to say : The Lord saves)
  • He will save his people from his sins
  • So that the prophet’swords be accomplished
  • Emmannuel which means « God with us »
  • A son to whom he gave the name of Jesus.
Reading of the « Prayer fot Advent » written by a group of the Eudist family (sisters of the Good Shepherd, of our Lady of Charity, of the Good saviour, a Eudist priest and a Eudist Associate) according to an original text by St John Eudes.

Prayer for the Advent
« Jesus, come to live in us »

Form Jesus in us, that’s the mystery of yhe mysteries.
It’s the best work of the Father, the son and the Holy Spirit.
It’s Mary’s work who said « Yes »
It’s the work entrusted to the Church
Make Jesus présent in the Eucharist
And form him in his children’s heart

O Jesus
Come now to form you in my heart
And in my soul, give me to live of your life,
To be filled by your thoughts,
To join you in all my acts, even the most ordinary ones.
Kindle in me the eagerness to love the Father
With the same love as yours.
Free my heart from the cares of myself, ofmy pride and my concert,
From all that leads us from you
So that you live and reign in me
And that you’ll be everything for me.

On my own, I can do nothing
I give myself and commit myself completely
To the power of your love.
O Jesus, come to live and love in us.

From St John Eudes OC1- p271-276

In those days when we are preparing Christmas let’s pray Jesus, Prince of Peace, an infant, mary’s son who comes to dwell : 

O Jesus, Prince of Peace, we pray for all the situations of misunderstanding which lead to violence, all the situations of war whichtear mankind. We specially pray for the Christian martyrs of our time in the middle
East, in China and in Mexico.They are for us the witnesses of a faith Alive until the end.

O Jesus, infant, we pray you for all the couples who have lost a child and for those who can’t have a child. Enlighten the scientists who consider man as a thing and make common merchandise of him.

Help mankind to understand that fecundity is lived in a diversity of realities.

O Jesus, Mary’s son, we pray you for all the mothers who look after the well-being of their family. Givet hem your mother as a model and a support in their mission in their family.

O Jesus, who comes to stay at Chistmas. We entrust you all the consecrated ones. Stand by each of them in their fidelity to follow you and let the Spirit of wisdom allow many young people to hear the call to a completely given and turned towards the others according to the Gospel.

O Jesus, we pray for Europe. Let the visit of Pope Francis to the european Parliament and the Council of Europe revive in everyone the joy of fraternity, the engagement towards the poor so that our society ceases being a culture of rejection. O Jesus, we pray you for all those who don’t know you, those who never hear of you. Give to the apostles of out time to be renewed to announce the Gospel to the world.

Our Father

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