jueves, 11 de diciembre de 2014

A Light in the Darkness

Inspiration often comes from unexpected sources. Like many families, on the evening of Thanksgiving our community decided to watch a traditional Christmas movie. One of us suggested The Christmas Candle, the new Christmas “classic” featuring Scottish singer Susan Boyle in her acting debut. More than anything we were curious to see how Susan would perform in her first movie.

The movie is set in a 19th century English village and centers on, what else, a special candle. I was truck by several lines that can give us 21st century believers something to think about:
“In a world illuminated by modern marvels who needs the light of a single candle?”

“The light that draws everyone to God are our good works that shine before men and glorify our Father in heaven.”

“Let us be instruments of the peace of Christ, shining light where there is darkness, hope where there is despair, sowing joy where there is sadness and faith where there is doubt.”

“Does your neighbor need a miracle this Christmas? Why not be that miracle?”
This last line reminded me of Saint Jeanne Jugan, who became the miracle that the elderly poor of her Breton town needed in the winter of 1839. Her good works were a light shining in the darkness of post-revolutionary France, reminding everyone that each person is worthy of love because every human person is made in the image and likeness of God. Saint Jeanne was a single candle whose light spread quickly, and whose flame is still burning over 175 years later in 30 countries!

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