lunes, 26 de mayo de 2014

Hong Kong Good Shepherd’s Run 2014

The sky was overcast, a chill hung in the air and the breeze was strong. So began the morning of the sixth annual Good Shepherd’s Run. Held in one of Hong Kong’s most beautiful natural environments within the Aberdeen Reservoir Country Park and, seemingly in the middle of the very developed Aberdeen town, the Run has been conducted early each year since 2008. The inaugural event saw Hong Kong’s very own Bishop bless both participants and organisers before the start of what has become a much-anticipated entry on the sports fanatics’ calendar in the bustling Chinese city.

The Run was established by the Good Shepherd organisation to give the citizens of Hong Kong an opportunity to improve their fitness, a chance for the organisation to enhance its standing in the community and as an effective means of fund-raising. Since its inception it has attracted some of Hong Kong’s finest runners as well as numerous small groups keen to join a competitive but ultimately fun outdoor activity.

This year’s event, which saw double the number of participants compared to last year’s, comprised of three different categories: the 10 kilometre run (approximately 85 runners), the 3.5 kilometre Leisure Walk (non-competitive, 16 teams) and the 3.5 Treasure Hunt section in which 23 teams made up of families and friends navigated different check points across the Park to complete a variety of fun tasks in order to accrue points.
Individual runners and teams set off at 9.00am and the first marathon runner crossed the Finish Line to loud applause less than 40 minutes later. An official prize-giving ceremony was conducted two hours after the event, giving teams sufficient time in which to complete their tasks.

Tired but very happy winning participants were awarded prizes including trophies and special souvenirs handed out by Marycove Centre and School staff. Once again the Good Shepherd’s Run proved to be a successful and rewarding event for all involved and, as the organising staff began dismantling the marquee, talk already focused on plans for the next Run at the same time 12 months from now.

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