jueves, 8 de mayo de 2014


An emeritus professor of Religious Studies at California State University, Northridge where he was chair of
the department of Religious Studies for nine years, Dr. Nichelson is on the RCIA and Adult Faith Educations teams at St. Bernardine of Siena parish. Recently he was a member and president of the board of directors at St. John’s Seminary and is now on the Board of the San Fernando Valley Interfaith Council.

A Southern California native, Patrick is a graduate of St. John’s Seminary College, Immaculate Heart College, and the University of Southern California, where he earned his Ph.D. in religion and social ethics. His dissertation was on the ethical thought of the Romantic poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge, a Christian who was sodden with Faith and Doubt.

Presented by the parish Compassion and Adult Faith Enrichment ministries the cost is $5 for lunch and dessert. Doors will open at 12:15 p.m. and tickets can be purchased in advance aŌer each Mass on Sunday, May 4 and 11, at the parish office, or by contacting Mary Ann Prager at 818-294-8806. Proceeds will go to the poor of the parish.

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