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Prayer of November 19th 2016 (Versailles)

By the group of Versailles (France).

On November the 16th 1601, two days after his birth, Jean Eudes was baptized in the church of RI (his village). In this month of .November , let’s remember of our christening, this new life in the Trinity in which we establish a special alliance with God, Father , Son and Holy Spirit .

Hymn.: To the Trinity. ( your choice)

Ā reading from the Gospel according St.Matthew. (Mt. 28 , 16 -20 )

From St.Jean Eudes:
Christened in the name of the Holy Trinity.
(O.C. Pages 517 – 518 ) or in the lectionary.No 33 Pages 92 – 93.
( From the beginning to the end of the second paragraph )

Father,I am your child,
With my whole being,I bless.you
I come from you,
I am your creature and I am always in your thoughts,
Every minute you create me.
When I was christened I received a new life ,a divine one .
Father I am your child .
Let me welcome your love every day.

Jesus you are our brother , your father is our Father.
I am a member of your body, called to live of your life, closely united to you.
What a dignity, What a grandeur to be a Christian!

Spirit of Jesus , y make our dwelling in each Christian,
You want to be with us and inside us.
You encourage us to continue the Holy life of .Jesus,
You give us to live as the Father’s children.
Spirit of Jesus , fill my heart with your love.
Let me be a living member of the Christ ‘ body
Let me bless and love , God,our Father.

(from à text by St.Jean Eudes: O.C.p. 168-173)

Let's pray:

God , you who never stop enlarging your Church calling men who are far from you, please keep under your protection all those who have been purified in the water of the baptism, by Jesus the Christ , our Saviour.

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