viernes, 25 de noviembre de 2016

66th General Assembly 2017 Explanation of the logo

The right side of the heart represents Jesus, and, at the same time, the missionary aspect of our charisma.

The left side represents Mary, as Our Lady of Guadalupe, Empress of the Americas; besides, it depicts formation, since as She formed Jesus within her virginal entrails, likewise St. John Eudes asks us to form Him within each heart.

The stars on her veil represent each one of the provinces and vice province that make up our Congregation.

The cross represents one of the foundations of Christian life, according to St. John Eudes, and it’s the sign of Christ’s affectionate sacrifice and of His supreme act of obedience to His Father. The light in the middle of the cross refers to the Holy Spirit’s light which enlightens us and guides us, being He the only one capable of forming Jesus in us.

The Heart represents St. John Eudes’s spiritual legacy and, at the same time, the union of the two wings that integrate our charisma: evangelizer-former.

The word EUDISTS represent the whole CJM, covered in red, reflecting our Christ-centered spirituality.

The three lines below represent the Most Holy Trinity.

The fulfillment of the logo for this General Assembly was a collective work of the candidates for priesthood at the Caracas (Venezuela) House of Formation.

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