martes, 17 de mayo de 2016

Good Shepherd International Foundation at OECD forum about human rights, conflict minerals

We're in Paris this week at a forum hosted by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) about whether the current sourcing of minerals, like the ones used in smartphones, meet the OECD’s own standards. The standards, known as the Due Diligence Guidance, set out five steps that companies need to take to ensure they do not contribute to serious human rights abuses.

This human rights issue, which includes child labor and the mining of “conflict minerals,” is at the core of one of our grassroots projects in DR Congo, in particular the Kolwezi region. Since 2012 our Sisters are helping the most at-risk by building an alternative to the mines – a school for ex-child miners, and a cooperative farm and a clothing design enterprise for former miners. The results are promising and are making a big difference in then lives of the community members.

We shared this powerful story in our recent documentary called Maisha: A New Life Outside the Mines. The film will be screened at the Human Rights Film Festival in November 2016. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more details and information from OECD.

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