martes, 25 de noviembre de 2014

Transmission of the ICA to the units

The prayer, celebrating the birthday of St John Eudes was prepared by Sister Marie Francoise LeBrizault

Participants were invited to form groups according to units and plan how the ICA will be transmitted. Each unit then shared in the assembly the different ways they were going to transmit the message of ICA,

Different ideas were presented

Sharing with leaders who will in turn transmit the session to their communities. Plenary session of 1 to three days for all sisters, for some units in different locations Adapting the session for elderly sisters and presenting this in nursing homes Having mission partners part of the transmission group and in turn transmitting the session to groups of mission partners.

Making a Power Point t including the themes of the session
Inviting some of the session speakers to give input.
Sharing the process and personal experience of the session
Efforts are planned everywhere to share the spirit and content of the session particularly the input of the contemplatives and the Gospel reflections by Rekha.


What special memories will you take back home… looking back over these days harvest the gifts for these eleven days?

I have received a lot of richness.
I have taken a decision to dare to risk. Networking is very important
I thank god for everything I have experienced.
I have A new vision of the contemplative sisters.
I feel happy, these days confirmed me that I am part of this Congregation and we are united …your mission is my mission.
We shared the strength we received to take risk for mission rereading how john Eudes took risk all his life, we felt this in the group. It is an essential element of our charism to take risk.
It is a moment of joy for me to be able to be together in the same spirit,the whole world was there like a source of strength, we are not alone we are together.

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