martes, 18 de noviembre de 2014

The Bold and Daring!
by Fr. Serg Kabamalan, CJM

Thirty Third Sunday in Ordinary Time
Prv 31:10-13, 19-20, 30-31
1 Thes 5:1-6
Mt 25:14-30

It is interesting that Jesus in today’s Gospel likened the Kingdom of God to investing. Success in business is often a function of boldness and daring. Of course, it must also be anchored on an honest-to-goodness evaluation of one’s ability, the opportunities present as well as the hindrances to the goal. Often, however, one’s stance and attitude toward the goal spells the outcome. Taking a bold risk is part of it. With eyes on goal, every step must be oriented toward it, not further away from it. It means putting one’s heart, mind and soul into the task at hand, and passionately trudging the road toward the destination come hell or high water.

We must have the same attitude in living our faith. And doubly so because how we live our life here and now has repercussions for all eternity. It entails embracing and living our life in Christ to the full. It is expressing ourselves from the deepest and most authentic core of our being. In traditional Christian lingo, it is giving of ourselves fully to God and neighbor, and “losing” ourselves in the process. Yet even without intending it, we find an increase in our being. We find ourselves more in the communion we become part of when we lose ourselves in following the path of Christ’s self-giving. For as we invest our thoughts, desires and actions for others, we are able to claim the best of ourselves. The best of ourselves, after all, surfaces when we are connected in love with one another.

Being hindered and cooped by fear, on the other hand, is no way to live a full life. It means saying “No!” to the gift of life that is ours to nurture and grow. It means saying no to God who gave us the unique gift of personhood that can never be replicated. It is life and gift dissipated like a seedling curling and drying up in the hot, dry weather. All the potentials, laid to waste. This is punishment enough for lacking enough faith in God and in his gift of life.

Fear though a real human experience that plagues everyone need not be crippling. God is bigger than all our fears combined. God has so much faith in us that he called us into being for his Kingdom. Lets us be a community of bold and daring individuals reaching out to one another, growing and maturing together.

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