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St. John Eudes Feast Day Celebration, August 16, 2014


The St. John Eudes House of Formation and Special Time of Eudist Formation Community celebrated in advance the feast of St. John Eudes last August 16, 2014. The festivities started with a Holy Eucharist, with Fr. Ron Bagley, CJM, the provincial delegate of the North American Province as the main celebrant. Concelebrating with him were, Fr. Edem Anselme Afoutou; St. John Eudes House of Formation Director, Fr. Jose Angel Carillo, CJM; in-house Spiritual Director / Formator; Fr. Serg Kabamalan, CJM, in-charge of Holy Family Retreat House and Eudist Spirituality Center; Rev. Dr. Bob Perelli, CJM, Special Time of Eudist Formation Specialist. A simple program showcasing the talents and guts of the Eudist brothers entertained the guests as they played ukulele, danced and sang their hearts away showing the kind of ‘fiesta’ in the Eudist way. A simple yet warm agape-meal was shared by everyone.

The House of Formation also opened its doors to its guests as it gave a glimpse of how it is to live inside the Eudist formation house; with its stories and ordinary people who made the house of formation a home of compassion, mercy, and love. The Eudist brothers readily toured the guests to the different amenities and unique rooms of the formandees.
A special video presentation was also setup to highlight the incipient beginnings of the Eudist mission in the Philippines.

A limited edition, Eudist shirt was also introduced. We are selling this to support the Eudist mission here in the Philippines, and help our Eudist Scholastics continue their formation and studies for the priesthood. Please contact us for your orders, thank you in advance!

Indeed, it was a blessed day for us.

May our father, St. John Eudes, who devoted his life for the poor and needy, who paved the way to the devotion of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary always guide us in our life of compassion, mercy and love to all humanity!

Thank you and until next year…

Isabuhay sina Hesus at Maria!

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