martes, 26 de agosto de 2014

On the Feast of St John Eudes

St John Eudes is a relatively little-known saint in our country, but he was a giant in French Catholicism and quite influential in the spirituality of Saint Jeanne Jugan. Today as we celebrate his feast, we share this beautiful prayer to the sacred Heart of Jesus, the focus of Eudes' spirituality. The photo is from St. Peter's Basilica in Rome.

Ave Cor

St. John Eudes

Hail, Heart most holy,
Hail, Heart most meek,
Hail, Heart most humble,
Hail, Heart most pure,
Hail, Heart most devout,
Hail, Heart most vigilant,
Hail, Heart most wise,
Hail, Heart most patient,
Hail, Heart most obedient,
Hail, Heart most faithful,
Hail, Heart most blessed,
Hail, Heart most merciful,
Hail, most loving heart of Jesus and Mary.

We adore you,
We praise you,
We glorify you,
We give you thanks,
We love you
With all our heart,
With all our soul,
With all our strength.

We offer you our heart,
We give it to you,
We consecrate it to you,
We sacrifice it to you,
Receive it an possess it totally,
Purify it,
Enlighten it,
Sanctify it.

That you may live and reign in it now and forever. Amen.

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