martes, 5 de agosto de 2014

Letter from the Congregational Chapter Planning Committee

Dear Sisters and Partners in Mission,

The Congregational Chapter Planning Committee (CCPC) sends you very warm greetings from Rome!

With joy, we received the letter from Sr. Brigid Lawlor convoking the 30th Congregational Chapter to be held at the Motherhouse in Angers, France, in 2015.

Energized by the Spirit, we met in Rome from 9th to 16th June 2014. We are delighted that Sr. Susan Chia is back in our midst and able to participate in our meetings.

We were also happy to welcome Sr. Martha Hernandez, OLC, from the Central South United States Province, as the newest member of the CCPC. We thank all the Units for submitting their recommended priorities. The priorities have now been collated according to Region (Asia Pacific, Europe/RIMOA, and the Americas) and will be the subject for further reflection and discussion at the Intercontinental Assemblies (ICAs). These priorities provide the lens through which we can see more clearly the dreams and challenges and listen more attentively to where the Spirit might be calling us forth to risk together for mission.

A small group of the CCPC went to Angers to meet at the Motherhouse with the team members who are overseeing the necessary details. We are very grateful to Sr. Madeleine Guigue, Sr. Noreen O’Shea, and Ms. Marie France Tulsane for their support and help in ensuring the smooth running of the Chapter.

As we prepare for the different Intercontinental Assemblies, we thank the 3 ICA Planning Committees, and invite you to pray for all the Sisters and Partners in Mission participating in the Assemblies.

25 Aug – 05 Sept 2014 Americas ICA in Quito, Ecuador

06 – 17 Oct 2014 Asia Pacific ICA in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

04 – 15 Nov 2014 Europe/RIMOA ICA in Angers, France

We also thank the Planning Committee for the Congregational Assembly of Contemplative Sisters (CACS) and remember our Contemplative Sisters and their Partners in Mission who will participate in CACS from 8th to 21st August 2014 in Quito, Ecuador.

By the time of our next meeting in January 2015, the ICAs and the CACS will have taken place and we will evaluate them as we continue our journey towards the Chapter. We will also finalize our Chapter plans and will provide you with more specific information at that time.

We are grateful for your prayers as we continue to risk together for mission.

In the Heart of the Shepherd,

Congregational Chapter Planning Committee

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