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Celebration of Reunification Our Lady of Charity and Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd 27th June 2014

 Assembly gathered on the Terrace to begin the Celebration

The two celebrants for this celebrant
Fr. Camilo Bernal Cjm and
Fr. Hank Lemoncelli Omi

Left  Sisters Angela Fahy and Brigid Lawlor

The celebration of the Reunification began outside the front entrance in glorious sunshine.Sisters of our two Congregations, sisters from other Congregations , lay mission partners and the personnel of the Good Shepherd Generalate gathered on the terrace opposite the portenariat to begin this celebration.

Our neighbouring School Sisters of Notre Dame with their instruments provided us with professional accompaniment in music.Sisters Brigid and Rita welcomed us and gave some information about the ceremony.

Father Camilo introduced the Liturgy and remarked on this historic occasion.We proceeded with the reading, “Text of Blessed Maria of the Divine Heart “ by Yvette and Jude Ellen while Rachel and Eliene held lighted candles.After this reading the assembly processed in two groups, with Angela and Brigid as leaders.Angela carrying a staff went with her group and descended the stairs on the right side.Brigid carrying a book descended the stairs on the left side with her group.

Both groups assembled in front of the Good Shepherd statue, forming a single group.

There followed a reading from Ezechiel by Jeanette Gaudet MFIC and afterwards while we sang the song
“Companions on the Journey” we processed singing and dancing into the conference room.

Then came the solemn moment of the presentation of the decree on Reunification to Sisters Brigid and Angela by Father Hank Lemoncelli, Omi. The Reunification was greeted with great applause.

Sr. Angela presented the staff to Sr. Brigid, thus entrusting her with shepherding the members from the former Union of Our Lady of Charity and there followed a joyous exchange of the sign of peace.

All present were invited to sign the book which recorded the sacred event while the choir enthusiastically sang the Gloria.The singing of the Alleluia invited us to listen to the Gospel of St John 15,9-17 read by Father Hank, after the reading , we processed to the main chapel where the Liturgy of the Eucharist continued.

After communion, Sr. Brigid Lawlor, and the Members of the Congregational Leadership Team gave to each new member the Congregational symbol and the Constitutions.Then t Fr. Camilo Bernal, cjm, Superior General offered us words of reflexion.

We ended with joyful singing and dancing and proceeded to the dining room where a very appetizing meal was shared and enjoyed by all.

Sr. M. F. Mestry

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