lunes, 29 de abril de 2013


Sejan Bem-Vindos!

We have been received with these words, as a clear message of happiness and joy in this beautiful land that warmly welcome  us for the first time. This is also a clear message  that Brazil has opened its heart to the CJM to implant and announce the Kingdom. This is the “carioca” way to welcome the Gospel that we the Eudist have brought. It is the recognition to  nearly 20 years of presence, struggles and challenges that the Eudists have faced carrying the Word as Missionary disciples, sharing the spirituality and the evangelical lifestyle.

Certainly, we are  holding this event in the beautiful city of sun, Fortaleza (Brazil).

The arrival of all our Provincial Brothers, General Board members, and the General Superior, was separately coming  all from the places where CJM serves the Lord and the Church.

The welcoming provided by our hosts: Fr. Gustavo Londoño, Provincial Sup
erior of Colombia, Fr. Amado Vanegas,  Fr. Luis Gabriel Mendoza and Fr.  Juan Carlos Giraldo, members of the local community in Fortaleza, was marked by the fraternity and love of being brothers and members of our beloved CJM family. We can not thank enough the full availability, the sincere affection, acceptance and selfless service provided by the  associated Eudists in this city.


The Retreat House of the Sisters of St. Dorothy is a wonderful place, with gardens, friendly staff, delicious food and exceptional hospitality.

On the first day, after the celebration of the Eucharist, celebrated by Fr Gustavo Londoño, and sharing a delicious typical breakfast, we heard the report presented by  Fr. Camilo Bernal General Superior who highlighted interesting aspects of our identity as an international society of apostolic life, the congregational projects and the deep and meaningful sense of the spiritual dimension. Finally we  heard the reports given by he provincial of Colombia Fr. Gustavo Londoño and Fr. José Antonio Sabino from Venezuela.  Fr Pierre Drouin was unable to attend this event due to  health reasons, the report from the North American Province was preented by  Fr Gilles Ouellet. We hope that our brother Pierre will recover soon to continue his mission.

On the second day we heard the reports presented by  Fr. Bernardo Vergara from the  Minuto de Dios province, Fr. Laurent Tournier from the province  of France and Fr. Maxime Kouassi from the vice province of Africa.

It is important to mention that during these couple of days of reports, questions and  feedback we experienced a very calm and serene environment of sharing together, but the most  important thing was to have made encouraging reading of every particular situation, in order to build and support with solidarity.

We continue to believe that our CJM is an international society of apostolic life with international and intercultural provinces. Interprovinciality has been a first step to open horizons toward communion, through diversity, of a family that has chosen to share his charism, spirituality, and cultural diversity. This valuable exchange has enriched the CJM and still producing fruits of charity, love, justice and peace. International Testimony from a family that comes to serving the Lord and the Church with a big heart and determined spirit.

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