lunes, 29 de abril de 2013


During the last couple of days the presentations from the General Superior and the provincials, focused on vital issues such as seminars, formation, economic affairs, communications, CJM Projects, etc..,  Their words motivated participation from  everyone, and generated a simple, sincere and fraternal dialogue over the most important topics for the CJM,  with a clear purpose: To highlight, realistically and feasible  horizons for the mission of the Congregation wherever  is serving heartily committed.

The daily celebration of the Eucharist and community prayer, have filled the hearts of the strength of the Lord. There have been times where the presence of the Spirit shines with the light of hope, and turn on our hearts. We prayed for our brothers (incorporated, candidates, associates and friends), our local communities, our work and projects.

Believing in hope has been the clear action of the Spirit of Jesus that has guided us providing the grace and power of his love, to believe that the CJM, as evangelizing family has more to offer to  the world and the Church. The Congregation has an invaluable richness of brothers, works and projects that will allow us to continue providing testimony of the living presence of Jesus Christ in history.

To think, make decisions and  perform actions, will be a daily task of ongoing conversion and commitment within our apostolic task. These will translate in clear, realistic, well-structured and funded projects.

We invite the entire congregation to believe in this, to take every task that is done as a service project to evangelize. Each local community as a living expression of the Congregation, is the space to promote and develop projects that lead us to think that our way of living and doing our mission is current, we can share and develop these projects, where the only clear purpose is to live and reign with Christ in our hearts.

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