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The new Local Superior of the Eudists in the Philippines

Fr. Serge Kabamalan, cjm, appointed as the new Local Superior of the Eudists in the Philippines (2017-2020). Fr. Serge is the first Asian and Filipino Eudist.

On October 5, 2017, Fr. Ricardo Chinchila, Provincial of North America and the Philippines, announce the appointment of Fr. Cirio (Serg) Kabamalan, CJM as the new superior of the Eudist community in the Philippines. That makes him only the 2nd superior of the young, fledgling community in Asia and the first Filipino to assume that responsibility.

Serg was born on December 13, 1964 in a small town in the province of Laguna (just south of metro Manila. His father was a pharmacist and his mother was a teacher. They instilled a deep faith and a strong work ethic in Serg and his five siblings. He earned a bachelors degree in Human Ecology from the University of the Philippines. He made an early try at seminary life but he decided he was not ready. Later he earned a masters degree in Guidance and Counselling. For eleven years Serg worked in human resources (HR) for the Development Bank of the Philippines.

Although the Eudists only arrived in the Philippines in 2006, Serg already knew St. John Eudes through the Sisters of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd. He belonged to a group of young professionals call Pamayanan ng Mabuting Pastol (Community of the Good Shepherd). This dedicated group would meet weekly for prayer, discussion and planning apostolic projects. The spiritual directors were a few Good Shepherd Sisters who instilled within the members a love for St. John Eudes and showed them how to live his zeal. Serg was a leader in the group.

Serg entered Probation with the Eudist on September 8, 2007. He became the first Eudist candidate in the very young community. He was alone as the only candidate with Pierre Marchand, CJM (France); Ron Bagley, CJM (North America), and successively with Alirio Ragozo (Colombia), Martin Solano (Venezuela) and Jose Angel Carrillo (Colombia).

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