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Session intertutelles 2017

From the 3rd to the 5th October 2017, in Lyon, was the session “intertutelles” of schools. For more than 10 years, at Mgr. Crepy's invitation, a network between Congregations of the spirituality of the French School has been. Participated in it: Eudistes, the Sisters of the Charity st Louis, the Sisters of the Good Rescuer, the Sisters of Holy Heart of Jesus and Marie. A few years ago, the Congregations put back the supervision of their schools to the dioceses, to the great majority. Eudistes in France thought to recompose the network. They called on to the Oratory of France which accepted this collaboration and this year, the Lazaristes joined the network.


This year, three Congregations were present and the Executive Boards of schools (8 were present) were invited to think around the theme: the collective discernment and the decision-making. Often, in Executive Board, decisions are to be taken some, more immediate, others in longer term. How to build a collective decision? This type of meeting allows a mutual discovery of the diversity of establishments, to build a reflection from the tradition of the French School which guides the life of every school group. About fifty people gathered for these three days. Father Pascal Sevez, Jesuit, was the speaker of these days. Father Michel Quesnel, oratorien shared two examples of a decision-making when he was a vice-chancellor of the catholic University of Lyon.

For Eudists, three establishments, high school-middle school Saint Martin in Rennes, the Good Rescuer in Vésinet, saint Jean Hulst in Versailles was present. It is also a place of sharing of experience, mutual knowledge between eudist schools. During year, there is no other common meeting. P. Olivier Michalet, new provincial wishes to create spaces of meetings between various actors of te schools and to promote better the spirituality of the French School inside establishments.

Fr. Bernard Héraut, cjm

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