lunes, 23 de octubre de 2017

Begining of the year for the College of priests Saint John Eudes

Last 6th and 7th october, in Rome, it was the first sesion of the year for the Colle Saint John Eudes. They are 17 fathers from a lot of countries who are taking part to the comunity: Corea, Mexico, Honduras, France, Colombia, Italia, Africa…

The aims of the session were:

  • Look with favor on brotherly spiritual climate since the beginning of the academic year by highlighting the formative values of the college.
  • Put Jesus Christ in the center of our common life, by its Word and understand that the fundamental objective of our spirituality is to form him in us.
  • Explain who are the members of the formative team of the college.
  • To deepen the challenges of the faith and the proposals of Church and of the college at this precise moment of our Personal project of life.

The session alternated times of teachings, prayer, sharing, community life. P. Jean-Michel Amouriaux spoke about "form Jesus in us".

Saturday, time of brotherhood was shared during the meal in the garden of the General House.

Introduction Fr. Jean-Michel Amouriaux, cjm (PDF Italiano)

Guidelines of College (PDF Italiano)

Statutes of College (PDF Italiano)

Español - Français

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