jueves, 19 de octubre de 2017

Form Jesus in us

At the beginning of the month, Fr. Jean-Michel Amouriaux, General Superior, threw a great invitation to all the Congregation in the form of a letter: "Let us begin together reading saint John Eudes's writings". This invitation answers a need formulated during the 66th general assembly: "produce an itinerary of spiritual renovation, over 5 years, «form Jesus in us»".

Thanks to the collaboration of the Unity of Eudist Spirituality, the itinerary was built. Every month you will be able to receive it thanks to CJM news: theme and objective, biblical verse, saint Jean Eudes's text and prayer.

As the Incorporated and the candidates, the associates are invited to follow the approach by adapting the pedagogy. There is place for creativity. This itinerary will necessity endurance and perseverance but it's worth it. As underlines it the General Superior: "while our Congregation requested the judgment of the universal Church to pronounce the eminence of the doctrine of our founder and to proclaim him Doctor of the Church, it is essential that we put ourselves all to reread his writings, to suit us of new our inheritance."

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