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Prayer of October 2017

Prepared by the Eudist of Quebec family

The identity and responsibility of each of us are here involved. Our being Eudist can permanently stand only in the absolute use of this rule: Form Jesus in us. Therefore we are encouraged to this constant effort not only of imitation (do as Jesus), but especially of assimilation and ontological substitution (being Jesus). It is at this price that we can, day after day, be, remain and become better Eudist. (Message of the 66th General Assembly regular)

Since our baptism, Christ invites us to become him

We are called to become witnesses of the holiness of God in this religious community which is the Church of Jesus Christ and in the world she has for mission to guide and keep holy. The founding moment of our vocation, is the baptism which recreated us and that gave us a badge identity for a new and eternal life.

St. John Eudes beautifully illustrates this reality that inspired his entire life and that he wanted to communicate to his disciples: “With my baptism, I received from you a new, divine life. Father, I'm your child, at every moment, renew me by your love! “

What a dignity, what a great thing to be a Christian! "(O.C II, p.168 - 173).

When we chose to perfect our baptismal life in joining the Eudist family, it was to better respond, day after day, to the call of Christ to become saints and holy: " For as he who called you is holy, be holy, you also, in all your conduct, as it is written: You will be holy, because I am Holy" (1 Pet. 1: 15-16).

To Form Jesus in us in our daily life

We must therefore work to highlight the holiness of the world created by God not only to make it better, as Jesus did himself, but to let it grow and act in us. In our schools, in our families, our towns and our cities where we ensure the growth of a happy youth and citizens engaged in noble and durable causes, we form Jesus in us. In factories and laboratories where we improve living conditions; in hospitals, clinics, residences of elderly where we relieve the disease, suffering from abandonment and solitude, Jesus takes shape in us. In associations where we create favorable conditions for the establishment of peace, justice and happiness; in our Christian communities where we try to repeat the message of love and reconciliation inspired by our crazy love for Christ, Jesus takes shape in us. This is the soil in which we daily sow the seeds of a Holiness from which emerge and will emerge new models. We do this with our eyes and heart fixed on Christ, inviting Him at any time and in any place to live totally in us.

"The Christian life should be a continuation of the very Holy life that Jesus had on Earth."

St. John Eudes expresses in his own way how we can, in all that we do, extend the life of Christ and become role models for men and women of our time: " When I pray, I continue his prayer, when I work, it's his life's work which I continue, when I'm in relationship with others, he is present, when I take my meals or rest, in each of my actions... He's with me. »

This new life is the life of Jesus in us

"The mystery of the mysteries and the work of the works, is the formation of Jesus, which is mentioned in these words of Saint Paul:” My little children, for whom I again feel the pains of childbirth until Jesus Christ be formed in you..." ». (Gal 4: 19)

Also, it should be our desire, our care and our main occupation, to form Jesus in us, i.e. to make him live and reign in us: his spirit, his devotion, his virtues, his feelings, his inclinations and dispositions. It is to this end that must go all our exercises of piety. It's the work that God puts in our hands, in order to work at it continuously. "(O.C., I, 271)


In the footsteps of St. John Eudes, let us happily join in the mission. The Lord is calling us, let us not delay! Let us be molded like Christ. He is the model of Holiness by excellence. In deep communion with him, we will be the saints which our world so badly needs to raise its head and find the path of hope and life in abundance.

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