martes, 20 de septiembre de 2016

Are You a Good Steward?

by: Rev. Fr. Mike Dupo, CJM

The parable of shrewd manager and unjust steward told by Jesus to his disciples needs a careful comprehension. We have to understand the context and the intention of our Lord why he told that story. At first glance it seemed that Jesus was in favor with the shrewd manager. But no, He never allows such attitude, so do not think it was okay for Jesus. He wanted to give a lesson to his disciples not only for them but also for all of us baptized Christians.

First, Jesus was saying if those shrewd and dishonest managers here on earth could do something to save themselves. How much more if you are my followers and I taught you of many good things? It’s like that he was telling us, how much more if you are baptized Christian? Could you make a way on how to attain the Kingdom of God? Could you make a way to reach the eternal life? That is what Jesus wanted to give emphasis on us.

Secondly, Jesus was saying that everything in this world, our lives, our gifts and talents, our natural resources and a lot more of graces that we received are coming from God. We are only stewards. Every good thing is owned by God. He gave us freedom. It is up to us to discern and make decision whether we are going to accept or not. We are only stewards. We could be a good stewards or shrewd and dishonest. It is our choice God never forced us but we have to be responsible on our choice in life. If we could be responsible in a small thing we could manage the big one. We are manager of our own life. If you could not manage your own life do not expect that you could take care of your neighbor. You could not be a good leader of your country if you did not know how to lead your own family. You could not manage a million of peso if you did not know to manage a one thousand peso. We are only stewards and we have to learn to be responsible starting from small thing.

Thirdly, Jesus was telling us that we could not serve God having other gods in us at the same time. Who is the center of lives? The law is to love God above all things. Could we have a genuine worship of God if we were praising wealth, money, fame, a success of career in life? If these material things are rivals of God to be the center of our lives then there is something wrong in us. These things are not bad. In reality we could utilize them to perfect our worship, to become a real servant of Him. How? By our good intentions, by simply sharing them to those in need, by being generous, by being grateful to God of what we have received from Him through acts of charity.

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