lunes, 14 de julio de 2014

Risking together

Representatives of Mission Development Office, GS International Justice Peace Office, Congregational Spirituality Center, Communications Office, Formation Committee and Congregational Apostolic Council are holding a meeting in Rome (July 8-11) . The meeeting was facilitated by Mrs Patricia Marshall. This is a follow up of the last meeting held in 2013.At the beginning of this meeting, we were energized by Sister Brigid’ s opening address which we publish below. "The focus this time is to take that energy and determine more clearly what the “RISKING TOGETHER” part means concretely. Each group/office – Spirituality, Justice and peace, MDO, Communications, and Formation have specific areas of focus and expertise but combining aspects of the work can make for a stronger networking and impact.St. Mary Euphrasia in her conferences (p. 362) said «Everyone must do their best because TOGETHER, with one mind, we contribute to the good of the mission."

We are all doing our best! How can we do our best TOGETHER?

Recently there was a meeting of SEDOS (Service of Documentation and Study on Global Mission) here in Rome in which the topic was how to take various aspects of mission and finances and integrate them. It seems to apply to us as well.The focus was that in this Pope Francis era, we are called to a certain type of integration. Francis said that the “preferential option for the poor” has been elevated as a priority to be integrated into all aspects of the life and mission. (For us, we know that we have no “option” with regard to the poor – for us the poor are preferential).

Both Mary Euphrasia and Pope Francis are backing us up – or leading the way so are on the right path. We indicated at the last meeting that we want an approach which will benefit the poor in a complete and understandable way. Thus, I welcome you to this continued challenge – and I thank you for being a stimulus for the congregation in helping to create a timely and truly integrated approach to mission that hopefully will get more refined at the Contemplative Assembly, the ICAs and at the Congregational Chapter so that those who follow-up (and follow us) will have a clear directive for continuing the journey.

Welcome ! Enjoy the process ! And, anticipate a great outcome! "

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