martes, 22 de julio de 2014

Praying for Philippines after “Rammasun” pass

Greetings from the Philippines.

Perhaps you have heard that the big island of Luzon (including Metro Manila) experienced a very strong typhoon this week. The winds were very destructive although there was not an extreme amount of rain. Flloding was minimal. This is because it was a fast-moving storm. However, property damage was high.

Our formation house in Quezon City (metro Manila) experienced only minor damage. Classes were suspended for a few days. Property damage was high in other areas. Of course, the poor are always those who suffer the most in these natural disasters. Many small houses were destroyed or damaged.

The bigger problem is a power shortage. The electrical infrastructure of the big island of Luzon (especially metro Manila) was badly damaged. The power generating plants and some major power lines were affected. It appears that the power plants are not capable of generating sufficient power to meet the demand and/or the power grid is not yet capable of delivering sufficient electricity. Consequently, we are still experiencing intermittent blackouts. It will take time before the system is restored. Also, for our house, when we do not have electricity, we cannot pump water to the various parts of the house. We have to fetch water from the storage tank at the garage level. For us this is a small inconvenience compared the damage experienced by so many others. Please pray for the thousands of people who are now homeless and/or injured.
On other hand, our Special Time of Eudist Formation is off to a good start. Also, the other seminarians who are studying theology are working hard. Our house is at capacity with 26 people. We will share more news soon through our Special Time newsletter. Thanks again for your prayerful support. Please pass this information on to others.

In one Heart,

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