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Eudist prayer - July 19, 2014 Prepared by the Minuto de Dios Eudist Province


Let’s pray for each one of the members of our Congregation, for the local communities, for the regions, the vice provinces, the provinces and the JMC in general: may the Lord bless us. Particularly, let’s pray for the World Meeting of associates, friends and collaborators of the Congregation of Jesus and Mary.


We shall begin with an Eudist song.

Reflection - Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii Gaudium, No. 267:

“In union with Jesus, we seek what he seeks and we love what he loves. In the end, what we are seeking is the glory of the Father; we live and act “for the praise of his glorious grace” (Eph 1:6). If we wish to commit ourselves fully and perseveringly, we need to leave behind every other motivation. This is our definitive, deepest and greatest motivation, the ultimate reason and meaning behind all we do: the glory of the Father which Jesus sought at every moment of his life. As the Son, he rejoices eternally to be “close to the Father’s heart” (Jn 1:18). If we are missionaries, it is primarily because Jesus told us that “by this my Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit” (Jn15:8). Beyond all our own preferences and interests, our knowledge and motivations, we evangelize for the greater glory of the Father who loves us”.

Biblical enlightenment - Rom 8, 26-27:

“The Spirit is a help to our feeble hearts: for we are not able to make prayer to God in the right way; but the Spirit puts our desires into words which are not in our power to say. And he who is the searcher of hearts has knowledge of the mind of the Spirit, because he is making prayers for the saints in agreement with the mind of God”.

Praying in four movements:

Based on those two texts, let’s look at the Lord and, then, at our lives within the JMC. And let’s contemplate/worship, express gratitude, ask forgiveness, and give ourselves to his Spirit.

Let’s pray with John Eudes:

“Jesus, we ask you to possess us and guide us, by the power of your Spirit, so that the saving efficacy of your Reign gets expanded within us and the in whole world. Amen” (OC 2, 152).

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